Marzipan pigs are kind of a big deal abroad. They signify good luck and prosperity as a new year dawns. In my family, they are highly coveted during our Christmas Eve dinner. But, I get that most people have never heard of them or find the concept kind of silly – and kind of a mouthful. (The boyfriend managed to spit out “marzberry”.) And, that’s ok, because I like to think that they are unique to me.

This space will try to feature those recipes and stories that illustrate my love for food and for my heritage. If there’s anything worth gleaning from this site it will be the recipe for the Norwegian pancakes that I promise to post at some point. Most importantly, though, it will be a labor of love that I hope will lead me on the path of becoming a writer.


The Marzberry Pig is Keli Senkevich of Sacramento, California. You can reach her at themarzberrypig@gmail.com .


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